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… it's like getting the answers to the test ahead of time

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The purpose of IC Self Defense is to offer you a simple plan for self-protection that can be learned quickly. The criminals are educated and you should be as well. With just 1-hour of training, you will improve your ability to quickly identify risk and RESPOND effectively during a confrontation.

Caryn Mottilla is a self-defense instructor and assault survivor. She provides training at your location. She has trained individuals in private homes, businesses, schools, garages and parking lots...

Training for as little as 1-hour will be the best gift you give yourself or someone you care about.

Call today to schedule 1-hour that can change your life.

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(Price: $250/hour – max. 10 people)

Caryn's Safety Tip Awareness of your surroundings will bring victory. Most people tell me they are not as aware during the day as they are at night. This type of thinking will put you at risk as many people have shared that their encounter with a predator occurred during the day. Thinking the thought "I am aware of you" begins the process of awareness and self protection.

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